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Free Birds



free birdsReviewer: Brick Movie Reviews

Director: Jimmy Hayward

Stars; Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson

Released:  November 29th 2013 (UK)

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving has everything: football, arguing family members, and of course, the turkey. Thanksgiving is loved by just about everyone, except the turkey. Directed by Jimmy Hayward, Free Birds is about two turkeys, Jake and Reggie (Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson), who team up to travel back in time to change the course of history and take turkey of the Thanksgiving menu forever.

Growing up on a turkey farm, Reggie was always the outcast. He was small, thin, and had a blue head, while the other turkeys were all large, strong, and red headed. Unlike the other turkeys in his flock, Reggie was smart. He knew that the farmer was raising the turkeys for a Thanksgiving feast. After years of warnings from Reggie, the flock finally believed him when the eldest turkey confirmed that Reggie was telling the truth. As Reggie tries to rally the flock and stick together, they instead sacrifice Reggie to save themselves. Petrified, Reggie awaits his gruesome fate, until he learns that he will not be eaten, but instead he is this Thanksgiving’s turkey pardoned by the president, and then given to his daughter as a pet.

Now the most important turkey in the country, Reggie begins to live out his luxurious life. He watches Spanish television, orders boxes on top of boxes of pizza, and even walks around the house in pink bunny slippers. Things are going perfectly for Reggie, until he is kidnapped by Jake, another turkey, and recruited on Jake’s mission, courtesy of “The Great Turkey,” to travel back to the first Thanksgiving to rid of the turkey-eating Thanksgiving tradition. After reaching a secret government base, Jake and Reggie find the Space Time Exploration Vehicle Envoy, or STEVE (voiced by George Takei), and travel back to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621.

Free Birds provides exactly what you would expect from an animated film. It is fun, and family friendly. It’s a movie that will get the kids interested in the history of Thanksgiving, while it may deter them from eating turkey that day. This is a very kid-enjoyable movie. The plot is simple, the jokes are quick and quirky, and it actually followed the rules of time travel. Now, it certainly isn’t the best animated movie of the year (Monsters University), but it definitely isn’t the worst of the year either (ehmm, Turbo). It’s definitely worthy of a family outing to the movie theater, and if you get the chance to watch in in 3D, do it. On an animation scale, Free Birds is a 6.5.

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