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Francis Lawrence To See Out ‘Hunger Games’ Remainder!



After such a financially successful and critically acclaimed ‘KO’ courtesy of director Gary Ross, it was easy to see why the Hunger Games die hards were taken aback by his sudden depature. Lionsgate inevitably seek a safe pair of hands and swiftly acquire the services of Water for Elephants/Constantine director Francis Lawrence.

Originally only set to helm the latest installment in the big screen adap of the popular series of books (written by Suzanne Collins) ‘Catching Fire’, now it seems that with such a tight schedule in between productions Lawrence will be overseeing the remainder of the franchise.

With ‘Catching Fire’ set to debut in cinemas in November of next year, this means he will also direct the book ‘Mockingjay’ which is set to be halved into two respective parts. Part 1 is set for the following November (2014) and Part 2’s dramatic conclusion will be unleashed in 2015.

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