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Francis Lawrence The Target Man For Hunger Sequel!



Considering the rip roaring success the first installment in The Hunger Games franchise has been (300+ million domestically already), it seemed a dead cert that director Gary Ross would continue on.

Of course, as various reports have confirmed his ill timed departure (put down to issues over scheduling) has left the door wide open for Lionsgate to name a competent successor. With production on the hotly anticipated sequel ‘Catching Fire’ due to get underway in August, they’ve had to make a move quickly.

We can confirm that it will be helmed by director Francis Lawrence. Lawrence is certainly no novice when it comes to films with high production values, after his experience on ‘Constantine’, ‘I Am Legend’ and more recently the R-Patz circus love fest ‘Water For Elephants’.

The big screen adaptation of ‘Catching Fire’ will debut in November 2013!



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