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Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz


Five Memorable Characters from The Wizard of Oz



Most grey-headed folk among us would have grown up with a number of memorable movies during their youth, with the Wizard Of Oz being a production plenty of senior citizens would know about, potentially rating it five stars along the way given its entertainment value. Even millennials are familiar with the movie, given its legendary heroic characters and truly iconic villains.

The Wizard of Oz was originally released in 1939 and immediately won over audiences as soon as it hit the cinema screens. The movie is widely regarded as being one of the all-time classic productions for a younger audience, providing gorgeous moments in the magical Land of Oz and some more upsetting scenes like when Dorothy Gale and her dog get swept away by a tornado. The movie still lives on today, too, in numerous forms, be it the movie itself, a variety of merchandise, and even in a 10-payline Book Of Oz slot game by Microgaming. Such is its appeal, The Wizard of Oz will probably never disappear either.

It’s the characters from the movie we’re going to celebrate today, though, with each characteristic and trait of each character being featured prominently throughout the movie. So, without further ado, below is a look at a selection of memorable characters from the Wizard of Oz.


We’re kicking things off with Toto the dog, but mainly because he is one of the more fun and likeable characters who appears throughout the movie. Acting as Dorothy’s companion and coming to her aid whenever she needed it, it was hard not to warm to Toto right from the off. The energy he possessed and the laughs he provided along the way make Toto one of the most loved characters from the movie.

The Tin Man

Perhaps one of the most iconic characters from the movie, The Tin Man offers a great deal of comical value to the movie throughout, particularly when he starts dancing. The second character Dorothy meets on the yellow brick road, The Tin Man makes the journey even more enjoyable with his witty remarks and his evident rapport with Dorothy which makes him both trustworthy and incredibly reliable. The movie definitely wouldn’t be the same without him.


Undoubtedly the friendliest and most welcoming character of the lot, Dorothy couldn’t have met a nicer character along the way in the Scarecrow. The first friend Dorothy meets, he is desperate to find a brain in order to gain some intelligence and be smarter. As well as his comedic moments and friendly nature, the Scarecrow is also brave, courageous, and shows an incredible amount of heart throughout the movie.

Dorothy Gale

Dorothy had to make the list, didn’t she? The main character in the movie, she is not only likeable, but the story is told through her perspective, therefore, taking the viewer on a journey with Dorothy from the start. Essentially, it’s an adventure for the viewer too. Her kind nature means that she always wants to bring the best out of anyone she meets along the way, with her positivity shining throughout. Of course, she does have her low moments, but overall, Dorothy Gale is impossible to hate.

Glinda The Good Witch

Helping Dorothy in her bid against evil, Glinda The Good Witch is another warm and friendly character from the iconic production. Popping up in crucial moments, Glinda is there to assist in any way she can and give the array of characters a morale boost at various points throughout the movie. The connection between her and Dorothy is magical, with both characters forming a beautiful relationship as the film progresses.

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