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First Trailer For Unnerving ‘The Witch’ Is Released.



The first trailer and poster for the ‘New England Folktale’ The Witch has been released and it promises to be a disturbing experience for viewers. Set in 1630 the trailer promises tension and knee knocking fear more through what we believe may happen rather than what is on the screen.

The film focuses on a small family that is excommunicated due to the fathers objection to the communities slipping religious principles. However, when the family move next to a troubling woods evil begins to creep into their lives and things change forever.

Director and Writer Robert Eggers won Best Director att he Sundance Festival for his efforts with The Witch and has already been linked to a re-boot of the classic horror tale Nosferatu. With performances from Atlantis’ Anya Taylor-Joy, longstanding British talent Ralph Ineson and Game Of Thrones actress Kate Dickie The Witch promises to be a perturbing experience.

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