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First Look at The Snyder Cut



After the dust settled on the 2017 release of The Justice League, there was only one roar from the fans #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. After a few years of fan campaigning, Warner Bros. finally listened. Zack Snyder’s vision will be released in 2021 on HBO Max and internationally.

During the live DC FanDome event, Zack Snyder answered some fan questions that were asked by a few guests including Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Ray Fischer, Ezra Miller and Gal Gadot. Snyder confirmed that his Justice League is four hours long, but they will be cut into one-hour segments when they air on HBO Max next year. He then assured that international rights are being looked at so the whole world can watch it as HBO Max isn’t available in all territories.

The Snyder Cut will be out in 2021

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