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‘Fingers’ Wriggles Free October 6



Writer-director Juan Ortiz’s psychological comedy horror film ‘Fingers’, staring Sabina Friedman-Seitz, Jeremy Gardner, Michael St. Michaels, Stan Madray, Alex Zuko, Michael Richardson, Sterling William, Taylor Zaudtke, El Louissaint, Melissa McNerney, Vincenzo Hinckley, Brannon Cross, and Rebekah Paugam, and Tony “Hulk” Rivera, is releasing on-demand and across all digital platforms on October 6.

Filmed in Florida, ‘Fingers’ follows Amanda who owns a business making mental health apps with her husband. When Walter, one of her employees, shows up to work missing a finger, it sends Amanda into a toxic panic. The fact that she’s pregnant only complicates matters. What if her baby is born without a finger or worse, could she love it? She admits that she has harbored issues with the way people look for some time. What she used to make fun of now scares her. She is pushed to ironically seek help from Dr. Scotty, a pop-psychiatrist eager to cast a reality show. Against the wishes of her husband Peter, Amanda does a deep dive into Dr. Scotty’s book. At one point we hear him blare out from the book: “Chase the fear!” It is this that propels Amanda on a journey to find out what is happening to her employee Walter. Armed with a new sense of confidence, she spies on Walter and spots two men clad in haunting masks torturing him. It is the same way her thoughts torture her. Using her newfound power, she follows her “fear” to a junkyard compound. It is here when Dr. Scotty’s voice booms from above commanding Amanda to “take something.” Amanda breaks into one of the masked men’s trailer and steals the one thing that could “power her journey.” Under the command of Dr. Scotty’s voice, she steals the psychopath’s dog. Using his dog as bait, Amanda pushes the psychopath to make his way back to Walter’s house. She convinces Dr. Scotty to come along to witness the killing of her fears.Armed with a camera, recording everything, Dr. Scotty pleads to Amanda to stop, explaining that everything she is experiencing is fake. Just then, the masked psycho appears ready for battle. It is here where Dr. Scotty witnesses Amanda physically fight the monsters that play, dance, and make a mess of her head.

Ahead of its release, ‘Fingers’ screened at Chattanooga Film Festival, Fright Fest, Syndy Underground, Knoxville Horror, Night Visions and Freak Show Horror.

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