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Themed Birthday Ideas



Your kids birthday party is important – they only get one a year after all! But that being said, without a solid plan in place the costs can quickly escalate. An easy way to effectively plan for a child’s birthday however is to set a theme for it.

The benefit of setting a theme is that it makes the planning easier. Once you know your theme, you can tailor the decorations, the food, the games and even the invitations to match it.

There are of course literally thousands of birthday party themes out there – here’s a brief rundown of some of the most popular.


Superheroes are still huge, and with the imminent release of Thor: Ragnarok on the horizon, they are going to remain a popular birthday party theme for a long time to come.  If your child is excited about Thor: Ragnarok then maybe consider an avengers themed party? Encourage the other children to dress as their favourite Avenger (or even Batman or Superman if they prefer DC superheroes) and turn your house in the new Avengers base with some cardboard cut-outs of the real heroes for background decoration.

Add in some superhero themed food and games and you’re good to go!


Relax, we’re not suggesting you hire a zoo for your birthday party – imagine the mess the monkeys would make on your carpet.

But lots of kids love animals, and if your one loves them too this could be the theme for you. Consider face painting for the kids, so they can be done up as a tiger or a giraffe – if your face painting skills aren’t quite up to grade, buy a range of colourful masks to hand out instead.

Animal themed food can be fun – you could put out Smarties in buckets labelled as “feed pellets” or make a do-it-yourself trail mix station of oats and dried fruits all served with little scoopers, so small zoo keepers can pretend to mix their own feed!

Mad Professor’s Lab

If you want something different for your child, how about setting thier birthday in the laboratory of a mad professor!

You could set up fun experiments as party games. For example, a few drops of food colouring added to washing up liquid laced milk in a shallow bowl creates a cool swirling colour experiment.

Food can be themed to be part of the Mad Professors experiments. Add a little green food colour to lemonade to create a bubbling green potion for example. Melt a slice of cheese on the top of a burger bun then add olives or gherkins for eyes to make a scary Monster Burger!

Outdoor Themed

Less of a theme than the above but more an idea to utilize outdoor space – if you have it, and weather permitting of course! You can buy small plastic jars with microscope lenses embedded in the lids. Encourage the kids to go out and find lots of creepy crawlies to look at in their jars.

Of course, you can supplement the natural variety with some extra big plastic insects and maybe even a few made of candy!

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