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Here at Movie Marker we are determined to create the best possible review website for your viewing and reading pleasure. Below we have listed the questions we are asked on a regular basis, please take a look and see if your question is answered below.


Q. How do I become a writer for Movie Marker?

A. Simply send an example of your work to, including details such as your name and also a rating out of 5.

Q. I’ve never written a review before, can I still contribute?

A. Of course! In fact we welcome it! We all had to start somewhere so why not Movie Marker? There are a few guidelines which can be found here. There are also a few terms and conditions.

Q. How do I advertise on Movie Marker?

A. Please get in touch to

Q. Do I have to have experience in the film industry or a film degree to contribute?

A. No, not at all. Our goal is to create an honest film review website that everyone can enjoy. We welcome contributions from writers with no experience or 20 years experience!

Q. I’m not from the UK, can I still contribute?

A. Yes! We have numerous writers from around the world, Australia, Canda, France, Singapore and the US! Our Senior Writer Philip is from Arkansas!

Q. Are reviewers paid for their work?

A. At present we have several paid positions and these are advertised on our vacancies page. All other positions are currently voluntarily We do however try and honour as many requests for press access as we can to allow our reviewers to attend press screenings and festivals.