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Exclusive Interview with Toby Jones on ‘Tale Of Tales’




Interviewer:  Freda Cooper

Director:  Matteo Garrone

Stars:  Salma Hayek, Toby Jones, Vincent Cassel, John C Reilly

Released:  June 17th, 2016

Released this Friday, ‘Tale Of Tales’ is a trilogy of fairy tales, but strictly for grown-ups.

Toby Jones, Salma Hayek and Vincent Cassel play medieval monarchs with their own individual obsessions.  In the case of Toby Jones’ character, he’s fixated on a flea and, in this exclusive interview, the award winning actor tells Movie Marker’s Freda Cooper how the giant version of the insect was created (hint: it’s not CGI) and looks forward to his forthcoming projects.  But he’s not allowed to talk about ‘Sherlock’!



Since the interview was recorded, it’s emerged that the character he plays in ‘Sherlock’ is Culverton Smith, which gives Conan Doyle fans a very good idea of which Holmes story inspired the episode.


‘Tale Of Tales’ is in cinemas and on demand from Friday, 17th June.

Freda's been a film fan all her life - the best qualification for the job! As well as being a Movie Marker regular, she has her own blog, Talking Pictures - - and a podcast of the same name - She can even be heard burbling on about films every Friday morning on BBC Surrey and Sussex!

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