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Released: 6th December 2002

Director:Kurt Wimmer

Stars: Christian Bale, Taye Diggs, Emily Watson

Certificate: 15

Reviewer: William McAbee

The first time I heard about this movie was on a list of best action scenes. I am always a big fan of action movies so this one got on my list of must sees. With the recent boom of Christian Bale’s talent over the years this one was always sticking in my mind. So would Equilibrium be able to meet my expectations and keep me interested?

Equilibrium stars in the distant future after World War III when the world has decided to prohibit emotions in order to stop war and violence. The government created a drug named Prozium which sedates people’s emotion. In result, a special task force was created to hunt down anyone or thing that conveys emotion. John Preston (Christian Bale) is the elite cleric, who after killing his partner for showing emotion, stops taking the drug and starts exploring his emotions and the corrupted government system. As Preston explores the world of emotion he decides to help the resistance and take down the tyrant government. Will Preston be able to take down the government and bring emotion back to the world? Or will the clerics be able to catch him and continue the reign of terror? Beware of spoilers ahead

The best part of this movie by far is the action. I wasn’t necessarily blown away but I loved every second of it. It was fast, rough, and totally kick ass! The combined some nice gun action with face paced kung fu and I never got tired of it. To be somewhat critical it did feel like the set the same action situation the same way but it was still awesome! Bale was totally convincing as a cleric and I felt like I was watching a man totally dominate and handle 6 to 10 guys at a time. I think any fan of action movies will enjoy the stuff this movie puts out. The final action sequences is one of favorites of all time and has an smart hand gun to hand gun fight scene that I had not seen before. Well done.

This is Kurt Wimmer’s second director film and his seventh written piece and it was a decent effort. His direction in my opinion was nothing objectionable and very enjoyable. Still, his writing sometimes was a little weak and the is somewhat loose with some of its ends. But I would proudly say that none of it gets in the way of the film. It still a lot of fun and you just can’t wait for him to get back to the action. At the same time this is a very unique vision of the future and an interesting idea of peace. The film is blatantly asking questions about what is the price of peace and what are you willing to give up? While this level of political messages isn’t as strong as something like V for Vendetta, it still is a nice backdrop for this flick.

Overall this movie is simple and obvious but not in a bad way. Action fans should check it out because it got some seriously awesome fight scenes. LOTR fans will enjoy a small cameo from an actor from their film. Bale is awesome to watch and the movie is a fun ride without a doubt. Basically if you like action then check out this movie!

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