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Although Elvis Presley was not born in Latin America, many of his songs were very popular in Latin American countries. A real star, the king of rock’n’roll, Elvis became not just a star on the stage, but a legend, a cultural epoch. One of the latest big premieres of world cinema is the Baz Luhrmann biopic “Elvis” (2022). This symbolic drama tells the story of Presley’s fantastic career and his complicated relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Even if you are not a movie fan and are more into gambling or betting on such platforms as PlayAmo live casino, this dynamic and colourful, yet tragic biopic is worth watching.


The film is a real vivid kaleidoscope of emotions, with real biographical scenes interspersed with dramatic scenes. Particular attention is paid to the stunning scenes during the concerts, which are remarkably reminiscent of the Elvis Presley concert videos we know. Here is Austin Butler as Elvis picks up his guitar, makes the famous hip movement, looks hypnotically into the audience, and the whole audience already belongs to him and applauds. The climax of the film is the fateful meeting between Elvis Presley and his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. The cynical, calculating, yet truly talented manager Tom played a major role in Presley’s fate, but it was he who was accused after Presley’s death of exploiting and using Presley to make money. Would Presley have died at the age of about 40 ka had it not been for manager Tom, who turned the star into a mass entertainment and money-making machine? In any case, the film itself begins as the story of Tom Parker, who already after Elvis Presley’s death wants to justify himself to the public after such accusations. 

Luhrman stages the boy’s musical awakening even in a particularly impressive way: Elvis, who grew up in a black settlement, watches a blues singer through a hole in the wooden wall with breathless excitement before running a few steps further and dancing himself into a trance along with the audience of a tent mass to the accompaniment of the gospel choir.


Austin Butler turns into a seemingly inexhaustible bundle of energy and also sings all the songs himself. In this way, he comes as close to Elvis in terms of acting as hardly any other performer ever has before Austin becomes Elvis, Butler becomes Presley, and the Californian melts into his part. Luhrmann himself said he had difficulties recognizing the real Butler behind his facade. Butler talks walk, dances, sings like Elvis, and probably even dreams the King’s dreams. He makes a pilgrimage to Graceland, Presley’s fabled residence of yore, he befriends Priscilla Presley, who welcomes him with open arms.

And Tom Hanks brilliantly played Tom Parker as a cynical and calculating man, yet charismatic and intelligent. His image is not devoid of grotesque: there is something devilish in Tom Parker’s appearance, he, like the devil, tempts young Elvis and tries to change him, to make him a weapon for making money, to deprive him of his soul.

In conclusion, it must be noted, that “Elvis” is a colourful biopic about Elvis Presley that is a must-see.

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