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‘Eddie’ Starring Eric Roberts Releases July 13



Directed by Frederick Sciretta, family-drama ‘EDDIE’ stars Lindsay Johnson, Eric Roberts, Lancelot E. Theobald Jr., Jasmin Frankel, and Angela Rostick. The film releases on digital streaming platforms on July 13.

‘EDDIE’ follows an aspiring actor’s journey through life and the passion for doing what he loves. Sometimes things get in the way, normal, everyday things, life’s obstacles, and the struggles he faces to keep his dreams alive. Will he find love or his dream or both? His mentor, Billy Reynolds (Eric Roberts), gives him jobs and guidance that give him the desire and the courage to keep going. His friend Johnny travels through life with him. We are watching their journey. Johnny’s personality is outgoing, upbeat, and he wants to have a good time. Eddie is the opposite. He is down to earth. Lilly is a young woman he meets and falls in love with. This distraction makes his life happier but harder to accomplish his dream. His mother and sister are positive family members, but his father is jealous and against him becoming a star. Family conflicts are obstacles that slow down his journey and make his fight through life harder to attain. Will he make it? Will he achieve his dreams? Will he let it go? Will Eddie change his journey and gamble with his life? Like the old saying goes, “hope springs eternal.”

‘EDDIE’ releases on July 13 on all digital platforms via Random Media.

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