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Duncan Jones Entering ‘World Of Warcraft’!



After director Sam Raimi left this particular project back in the Summer of last year to harness his focus on Oz: The Great and Powerful for Disney, Blizzard Entertainment must have wondered if an adaptation of  the hugely successful ‘World Of Warcraft’ series would ever grace the big screen.

At long last, it seems they’ve finally acquired a safe pair of hands. Enter fellow Brit Duncan Jones, acclaimed director of Moon and Source Code. Confirmed via the WOW Twitter account, Jones is readying himself to be propelled into the world of big budget blockbusters with a reported $100 million budget to play with according to The Hollywood Reporter.

With its eclectic yet fantastical mix of mythical characters, World of Warcraft has garnered quite a following since exploding onto the scene back in 1994. Jones has acknowledged the task facing him, considering the tarnished track record videogames have had with the transition into film. Via his Twitter account, he stated:

‘So the gauntlet was thrown down ages ago: Can you make a proper MOVIE of a video game.  Ive always said its possible.  Got to DO it now!’

‘World of Warcraft’ is in the hands of Legendary Pictures, who have taken massive credit of bolstering the fortunes of Batman recently and potentially the likes of Superman and Godzilla in the next couple of years. Production is set to begin in March, with a 2015 release date targeted.

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