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DistroTV – The New Free Streaming Platform



In a world where the demand for digital content has never been higher, it’s fantastic to have plenty of choice. Especially when all the content is on a single platform. And free. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

The latest streaming service DistroTV offers a wide array of entertainment, both live and on-demand, where audiences can consume thousands of hours of content for free. One can watch over 150 channels featuring movies and TV shows without subscribing or paying any fees. And the service is accessible directly online or via services like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, iOS & Android, and more. Whichever device or platform you’re using, there’s “a world of free TV at your fingertips” waiting for you.

DistroTV provides viewers with serial content for every facet of the mood spectrum. From eye-popping courtroom dramas to lifestyle eye-candy; from sci-fi dramas to trading webinars. And there’s a massive treat for the cinema-lovers too! On DistroTV’s gratis movie channels, you can find myriad contemporary movies starring high calibres like Mads Mikkelsen, Lake Bell and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, all-time classics from any genre, and critically acclaimed documentaries. Also, there isn’t a shortage of international content. With its channels celebrating the South Asian, anime, Chinese, and LGBTQ culture, DistroTV broadcasts award-winning spectacles for diverse communities and age groups. Some of the non-English channels are localised to English speakers either through subtitles or dubbing.

DistroTV has a great catalogue and easy to use viewer

Also, you can keep up with current events through various news channels at a rapid rate. If you have just about 10 minutes to unwind, the celebrity gossip channels are just a click away. If you have more, check out the relaxing visual and music media that make viewers relieve that solidly accumulated work stress. For sports fans, DistroTV displays free local and global entertainment. MMA and e-sports channels include talk shows, docuseries and the biggest tournaments, and other specialised videos contain professional tips and training instructions in a broad range of team sports.

“Nice, so much free content. But what’s the catch?” Well, to be perfectly candid, there isn’t one. Except for all the freebie entertainment you have to catch up with.

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