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Director For Woman In Black ‘Follow-Up’ Confirmed!



With a boy wizard trading in fancy magic tricks and battling ‘HE who must not be named’ for old school eerieness and Jane Goldman’s scriptwriting prowess, it was perhaps inevitable that the film version of ‘The Woman In Black’ would be a box office smash. Becoming the highest grossing British horror film in over two decades, Hammer Films have wasted no time in working on a ‘follow-up’.

Today, they confirmed the man who will helm ‘The Angel Of Death’. It will be director Tom Harper whose CV makes for impressive reading, especially from a televisual standpoint. Behind the camera for critically acclaimed shows such as superhuman drama ‘Misfits’ and ‘This Is England 86’, it will be intriguing to see if he makes the grade on the grand cinematic stage.

The premise for ‘The Angel of Death’ scripted by Jon Croker will have no place for Daniel Radcliffe’s character. Instead, it will retain its focus on Eel Marsh House during the Second World War as it is refurbished into a mental hospital operated for the military. Our eyes and ears here will be provided by a female this time around, named Eve.

MM awaits word on a release date..


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