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Depp Onboard Wes Anderson’s Next Project!



Fresh off the critical success and the added surprise of solid box office returns ($44 million worldwide) for the terrific ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, director Wes Anderson has wasted no time in dripfeeding the film world about his next project in the pipeline. Anderson has always had an eye for assembling quirky casts and his first announcement fits this notion perfectly..

Breaking away from the Burton shackles for a while after the underwhelming ‘Dark Shadows’, Johnny Depp is confirmed to be on board for ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’according to Deadline. The details of the character he will portray are currently non-existent, but Anderson has already clarified that the script is a done deal.

In addition, the film will mark Anderson’s first time shooting in Europe. His imagination has certainly run wild in regards to who else he wants involved, with his partner in crime Bill Murray almost a cert and the likes of Jeff Goldblum and Willem Defoe apparently been approached.

With the hip OAP’s from ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ earlier this year parading around, i guess it’s only fitting a younger generation are provided such luxury!



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