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‘Darko’ Director Kelly To Hook Up With Nicolas Cage!



It has certainly been a while since we were treated to a cinematic slice, courtesy of Richard Kelly. Perhaps reeling from the mostly negative reactions to ‘The Box’ starring Cameron Diaz and uneven sci-fi satire ‘Southland Tales’, it’s been nearly three years. Atttempting to follow 2001 cult classic ‘Donnie Darko’ was always going to be an inenviable task, but it looks like Kelly is ready to rise to the challenge again.

The director is set to return with ‘true crime’ thriller Amicus. Also on producer/scriptwriter duties for this project, he will tackle the story of one Lawrence Horn. Immersed in the music industry, Horn currently serves a life sentence after the hiring of a hitman to carry out a hat trick of killings.

As far as the casting goes, the infamously bizarre Nicolas Cage (Ghost Rider, Con Air) has signed on to star in the film. Bound to be an ideal fit for Kelly’s equally peculiar directing style, Cage will take on the role of Rodney Smolla.

‘Amicus’ is set to begin production early next year!


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