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Creators Of ‘I Love You, Guys’ Search For Support For Next Independent Short



Award-winning storyteller Billie Melissa Rogan has reunited with the writer and producer of her first directorial short, ‘I Love You, Guys‘, as they crowdfund for their latest project, “The Intimacy of Privacy.” This short film, currently a compelling script written by Rogan, will delve into the intricacies of relationships, exploring the delicate balance between friendship and romance.

“The Intimacy of Privacy” follows the journey of lifelong friends Brianna and Calum, who find themselves at a crossroads when unspoken feelings come to the surface as Brianna prepares to move away. Caught between the romantic and the platonic, their friendship is put to the test in unexpected ways, revealing the complexities of human connection.

Writer, director, and producer Billie Melissa Rogan brings her unique vision and storytelling prowess to “The Intimacy of Privacy” off the back of her recently released debut short film “I Love You, Guys,” praised by critics who called it “a blistering experience of poignant magnitude” and “sleek, polished, and assured”.

Supported by producers Daisy Edwards (producer of I Love You, Guys) and Cory Varney (writer of I Love You, Guys) along with an experienced crew including director of photography Eddie Coughlan (DoP for American football team, Baltimore Ravens), this project promises to deliver a thought-provoking cinematic experience.

Dazzling in their auditions, the cast features rising talents Kelsey Cooke as Brianna and Carlos Da Costa as Calum, supported by the expertise of casting director and second assistant director Jess Rolland.

“As we learnt on our first short film, unexpected twists and turns can disrupt the initial timeline,” says Rogan, referencing I Love You, Guys pandemic-enduring production. “Just as we did with ‘I Love You, Guys,’ we will continue to adjust as necessary to ensure we bring this story to life in a way that never sacrifices quality for convenience.”

To support the ambitious vision of “The Intimacy of Privacy”, the team has prepared for the highest budget needed, ensuring efficiency in spending without compromising the integrity of the film. One of the unique challenges of this project is shooting entirely outdoors, presenting logistical hurdles that the team is prepared to overcome. With safety measures in place for both crew and equipment, the production is ready to adapt to any weather conditions.

“We believe in the power of compassionate, empathetic media,” adds Rogan. “With ‘The Intimacy of Privacy’, we aim to capture the nuances of human relationships in a way that resonates with audiences on a profound level, through a truly personal story.”

The crowdfunding campaign for “The Intimacy of Privacy” is now live, offering film-lovers and supports of independent cinema the opportunity to be a part of this personal project and help bring this captivating story to the screen.

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