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Fantastic 4 For The Hunger Games!



The Lionsgate juggernaut rolls on!

The Hunger Games continues to drown itself in box office success over in the US, after securing an impressive fourth week at the top. As a result, it’s the first film since January 2010 (James Cameron’s 3D extravaganza ‘Avatar’ the last) to achieve this. Adding $21.5 million into the kitty, it takes its domestic total to $337.1 million.

Filling out the top 3 were firstly a big screen return for The Three Stooges. Helmed by the notorious Farrely Brothers, the hype for the film was lukewarm to say the least. But it somehow took the runner up spot with $17.1 million, sealing the directors’ best BO debut in over a decade.

There was more mystery certainly surrounding Joss Whedon’s horror reimagining ‘The Cabin In The Woods’. With its promise for a more uncoventional take on the genre, it’s likely to have hit the takings. A respectable third place with $14.8 million, but compared to the majority of frightfests they usually break the $20 million barrier.

Last but not least, spare a thought for Guy Pearce. His latest actioner ‘Lockout’ was a considerable flop this weekend. Critically maligned, it just scraped into the top 10 with $6.25 million.

Here’s the full rundown:

1. The Hunger Games $21.5 million

2. The Three Stooges $17.1 million

3. The Cabin In The Woods $14.8 million

4. Titanic 3D $11.6 million

5. American Reunion $10.7 million

6. Mirror Mirror $7 million

7. Wrath Of The Titans $6.9 million

8. 21 Jump Street $6.8 million

9. Lockout $6.25 million

10. Dr Seuss’ The Lorax $3 million

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