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Comedy Film ‘Popovich: Road to Hollywood’ Drops Jan 25



The comedy film ‘Popovich: Road to Hollywood’, starring Gregory Popovich, Shannone Calcutt, Robin Slonina, Jimmy Slonia, and Voki Kalfayan, is releasing on digital streaming platforms January 25.

Directed by Gregory Popovich and Mike Thompson, the fun filled-fast paced-comedy extravaganza, is a modern take on slapstick comedy. ‘Popovich: Road to Hollywood’ follows a down on his luck circus performer who has perfected a new act that no one at the circus will let him debut. Popovich decides to take matters into his own hands by sabotaging the other acts in the circus. Comedy ensues but it costs him his job. Maybe this is the literal and proverbial kick in the pants he needs to finally chase his true dreams in Hollywood. However, on his way to Hollywood, Popovich gets into even more trouble when he breaks an important statue in a quirky little desert town. He then works a series of dead-end jobs to pay the debt, but winds up even deeper in a cycle of comic mischief and revenge.

Circus legend Gregory Popovich currently has his very own live show in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood where it has been running for almost two decades.  His style in general is like watching a modern-day silent comedy with pets.  He draws his inspiration from Charlie Chaplin, Harold Llyod and Buster Keaton. Popovich has been named Entertainer of the Year and his show Best Family Attraction in Las Vegas numerous times. 

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