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Casinos in British Movies



The use of casinos in British films is very smart. This is mainly because the majority of people see the casino as a luxury, and we can only go there when we have money that we are happy to lose. In films, this highlights the wealth or fortunes of a character very acutely and is something that the film industry thrives on. 

This is the fact with all casino games, but especially roulette. Even now, the most popular game that you can play on when you enter is this type of gambling. Mainly because it doesn’t entail any knowledge about the game; you could just sit down and put money on a colour, number or odds/even. It is so simple that anybody can do it. The market for this has excelled due to movies, and ensures that fans of the wheel-game join the bookmaker that is perfect for them. 

So next time you’re playing online, you will feel like one of these megastars. 

James Bond 

There is no British film like James Bond. And his antics, while he is in the casino, are something that has become synonymous with the character. Just like everybody has their preference for the actor that portrays 007; the same argument continues for the best Bond casino scene. 

One of the best came during the 2012 release of Skyfall when Bond has just received a massive briefcase full of chips, and on his exit, he is approached by the villains. He fights them off before handing the briefcase to Moneypenny and telling her to put all the chips on one colour. 

It’s fair to say that any good motorcycle accident lawyer would be very busy in the world of 007. But whether it’s avoiding near death experiences or winning big at the casino, we could all do with a slice of Bond’s good fortune.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 

The premise of this Guy Richie film revolves around one of the central characters in the movie being scammed during a game in the casino. Eddie (Nick Moran) and his friends Tom (Jason Flemyng), Soap (Dexter Fletcher) and Bacon (Jason Statham) put together £100,000 each so that Eddie can enter a card game. 

However, the card game is rigged, and they end up in significant debt to Harry Lonsdale. The story then follows the boys as they try and raise the £500,000 that they need to get Harry off their case. It is a cult classic among many Brits and ensured critical acclaim for Richie on his first stint as a director. The film also stars ex-footballer Vinnie Jones and musician Sting. 

As far as 50-50 luck is concerned, though, we never did find out whether Tom answered his phone in time.


This 1998 British classic effectively made a US breakthrough for Clive Owen. He played the main character of Jack Manfred; who was an aspiring writer who was forced to take up a second job to survive. His father helps set up an interview for him to work in a casino as a croupier. He starts with apprehension, but before too long he feels himself getting sucked into the casino lifestyle, and there is no way back. 

The film is still gaining positive reviews today and has an approval rating of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Croupier exceeded all expectations in the box office and took in over $7 million. 

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