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Carrey To Open Can Of Kick-Ass?




The sequel for the slightly bonkers but much loved comicbook adap of ‘Kick Ass’ is slowly gathering pace. Director Matthew Vaughn may have rejected the honour this time around, which has been put down to his current duties dealing with the X Men. But the likes of Chloe Moretz’ Hit Girl and Aaron Johnson’s take on the title role are all confirmed to return.

In regards to new faces, Universal have declared their interest in long time funny-man Jim Carrey. It is hardly a secret that The Eternal Sunshine and Liar Liar star is a fan of the original installment from 2010, appearing on an American TV show previously donning the suit resembling Kick Ass’.

The role itself, is distinctly similar to Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury from Avengers Assemble. Entitled ‘The Colonel’, he aims to bring together an eclectic superhuman team of his own to combat Red Mist (the film interpretation of the character played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse).

It would be an inspired move by Universal if they secure the services of Carrey. His previous turn as The Riddler during the camp 1990′s phase of Batman proved his wacky nature is a seamless fit for the actor. Intertwined with the tongue in cheek humour of this particular type of comicbook fare and this could be an ideal springboard to revive his flagging career.

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