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Carell Vs Stone In Battle Of The Sexes Trailer



As father and daughter in the well-received comedy Crazy Stupid Love, they fought over the suitability of Ryan Gosling’s smooth talking love interest.

Now in the upcoming Battle Of The Sexes, Steve Carell (Foxcatcher) and Emma Stone (Best Actress Oscar winner this year for La La Land) will battle it out on the tennis court.

Directed by Little Miss Sunshine duo Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the film tackles the true story behind the 1973 televised match that took place between a taunting Bobby Riggs (Carell) and then World Number One Billie Jean King (Stone). Or in the words of Riggs…

‘Male chauvinist pig versus hairy legged feminist!’

With Stone’s fierce competitive spirit as she comes to terms with her own sexuality driving home the growing influence of women in the world of sport, juxtaposed with the controversial tirades spouted by Carell, Battle Of The Sexes is shaping up to be an ace and timely addition to the sports drama genre.

The film is scheduled for a November release in the UK.


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