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Cameron On Avatar ‘Sequels’!



Mr James Cameron.. he’s certainly not a director who is in a hurry!

His original 3D record breaker set in the vivid world of Pandora and starring the talents of Sigourney Weaver and Sam Worthington took a mere 11 years to make its mark on audiences. Now with talk of sequels circulating since 2010, Cameron has took his time to clarify his stance on any follow up installments to ‘Avatar’. That is of course.. until now.

The proclaimed ‘King Of The World’ in a feature profile for The New York Times has stated that a finished product for ‘Avatar 2’ will be lucky to be ready ‘until 2015 or later’. For avid fans, they will be well aware that the sequel was originally pencilled for 2014. Both ‘2 and 3’ are still been scripted by Cameron and he has confirmed that he’s purchased ‘2,500 acres of farmland around Lake Pounui in New Zealand’ where production will be based and soon to be his family also.

With the first film certainly being blessed with grand visual spectacle, Cameron will follow suit with the sequels by shooting them through Weta Digital which is of course The Hobbit director’s Peter Jackson’s production studio.

Sequels normally churned out within tight timeframes, it’s certainly admirable of Cameron to break the trend as he tries to nail the formula that made ‘Avatar’ such a monster hit the first time around. MM will keep a firm eye on developments..




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