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borat_ver2Released: 2006

Directed By: Larry Charles

Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen, Pamela Anderson

Certificate: 15

Reviewed By: Darryl Griffiths

Tagged as one of the masters of disguise, Sacha Baron Cohen was well renowned the world over, for pushing the political correctness of comedy with his unique brand beforehand, but with Kazakhstan protagonist Borat Sagidiev.. he took it to a completely new level with this mockumentary designed to shock.

Its absurdities lie heavily in its plotting, with the idea of Borat being sent to travel to in his opinion ‘the best country in the world’ the US and A, to report and comment on American culture in general and learn their ways in order to teach the Kazakhstani peoples a thing or two. His eager to please demeanour on camera is ultimately overpowered by his outrageous statements and the shenanigans he finds himself in.

Don’t expect intellect to rule the day here, with the likes of an unhealthy obsession over Baywatch and sex tape supremo Pamela Anderson, grossout and cringeworthy naked wrestling with his larger than life producer Azamat in a hotel room and a war on terror speech at a rodeo falling horribly flat, taking centre stage here.

The film’s targets might be a little obvious and lowbrow, with deep hatred for gypsies, jews and his mysoginistic takes on women being the key subject matters underfire, but it’s outrageous satirical wit consistently hits the mark and in spectacular fashion. Satire is never an easy cinematic aspect to pull off, but the naivities of American culture are hard to shake here so props to Cohen.

If you’ve yet to experience this rib tickler, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING!? It accentuates the flaws of recent generic comedies and makes you wonder why Hollywood hasn’t been more daring, the jokes will leave you picking your jaw off the floor and may actually cripple you through sheer laughter! The easily offended, steer well clear.. But a personal best for Cohen, which i don’t think he will ever replicate.


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