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Book to Film, ‘Being Dead’ Gets Digital Release Feb 16



Based on the critically acclaimed and award-winning novel by Jim Crace‘Being Dead’, starring Elizabeth Marvel (Homeland), Linus Roache (Homeland), Kathryn Erbe (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) and Emilotte Persson, in her feature film debut, will release on February 16, 2021 via Random Media.  

Written, directed, and produced by John D. Meyers this passionate film follows Joseph and Celice who were once in love. They were two scientists researching their doctoral thesis who found passion when Joseph came upon a magical and undiscovered species of insect on the isolated shores of Baritone Bay. Thirty years later, much has changed. Respected university professors, they live their lives together one mundane day at a time as Celice grows more distant from her husband and estranged from Syl, their only child. When Joseph learns of plans to develop Baritone Bay into vacation homes, he knows they are still undocumented species — should it exist at Baritone Bay all the years later — will be destroyed. Desperate to rekindle long-lost passion and to see their “sprayhoppers” one last time, Joseph pleads with Celice to return to Baritone. She reluctantly agrees despite knowing the pain this journey will ignite. Shifting back and forth in time with their first meeting to their final day alive, we come to understand the courage required of Joseph and Celice to return to Baritone Bay. Simultaneously, daughter Syl is one step from destitution in a distant city when a birthday present arrives in the mail from her father that pulls her back home where the fate of her parents forever changes her life.

Being Dead – Official Trailer

Filmed in Massachusetts, Being Dead has had immense success on the film festival circuit collecting awards with Best Director and Best Actress at Blow Up International Arthouse, Best Screenplay at Method Fest, Best Drama and Best Actress at Breckenridge Film Fest, as well as Official Selection at SoHo International Film Festival, Chichester International Film Festival (UK), Omaha Film Festival, California Independent Film Festival, London International Cinema (UK), Solaris Film Festival (Nice, France), Indie Film Awards (UK), Los Angeles International Film Festival, Gold Movie Awards Film Festival (UK) and the Sedona International Film Festival (NY) to name a few.

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