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BFI ‘2011 UK Film’s Strongest Year’!



It wasn’t so long ago that one David Cameron (He’s meant to be our Prime Minister?) was questioning our beloved industry. So it’s only fitting that the BFI (British Film Institute) retailiate and provide the stats that will make him eat his words.

Within their annual report, it has been confirmed that box office takings within the UK have exceeded the £1 billion mark. Putting this into context, this was a 5% increase on the previous year and the first time this country has collectively achieved such a feat.

Chief Executive Amanda Nevill acknowledged the fact that ‘UK film is punching above its weight on the world stage, with British stories and talent captivating global audiences’. Countering such glowing optimism, Nevill also admitted ‘it’s still a tough economic climate in which to raise finance for film production and digital technologies continue to bring both challenges and opportunities for industry’.

Three films in particular were the spearheads for such success on home turf. The grand finale to JK’S Rowling’s beloved ‘Harry Potter’ franchise with ‘The Deathly Hallows Part 2’ scoring £73 million, the Oscar winning ‘The Kings Speech’ starring Best Actor winner Colin Firth settling for runner up and last but not least the big screen outing for ‘The Inbetweeners’.

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