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Best Superhero Film Ever?



superheroIt’s a debate that has raged on ever since the first comic book adaptations hit our screen. Since then we have had a number of contenders for the title of best superhero film of all time. With the recent ‘Man of Steel’ Movie the latest addition to an already close-fought competition that consisted of the likes of such super heroes as Spiderman, Batman and Wolverine!

Well, a survey was recently conducted that found that it was in fact ‘The Dark Knight’ that took top spot as the Best Superhero Film Ever! Christopher Nolan’s second instalment of the trilogy was voted the best film overall battling the fierce foes that stood in his way including another Nolan picture – The Dark Knight Rises, while Marvel’s ‘Avengers Assemble’ also failed to take the title.

Not only did The Dark Knight win as best film, but its hero took home a  number  of other titles, with his Batmobile being voted the best superhero vehicle and being chosen as the toughest superhero by the women who took part in the survey!

The Avengers, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America helped Marvel take the spoils in the battle of Marvel Comics vs DC Comics, with 59% of people opting for Stan Lee’s creations!

Perhaps the most unsurprising result in the poll was for that of Worst Superhero Film, with Halle Berry’s ‘Catwoman’ coming in with almost a quarter of the vote!

In an age where Superhero films are becoming ever-more popular, it will only be a matter of time before we see a few more contenders for both the best and worst titles!

Thanks to our friends at Ladbrokes for the survey results!


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