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Best Scenes of Casino Games in James Bond Movies



The casino culture has been projected in many Hollywood films with the James Bond movies reserving a special place in the genre. James Bond loves gambling and winning bets and this comes through the depiction of his character in all his movies. If only the new online casino UK would have been available to him, how much would he have ruled the online gambling arena!

As we have seen, Agent 007 endures all challenges and conveniently defies them in any of the casino games he lays his hand on. Moreover, as an MI6 operator he wins all the money accruing additional earning over and above that, he also gets government salary. There are quite a few scenes from the James Bond movies that are alive and afresh in our memories and as you play at the new online casino UK, some of these could come to your mind.

Popular Bond scenes and the classy Baccarat at new online casino UK

The movie Dr No released in 1962 projected the casino game- Chemin de fer (also known as Baccarat). This film embodied the character of Bond from Ian Fleming’s novel with ‘reel’ life on the silver screen. It portrayed 007 in the form of a sophisticated and desirable spy played by none other than suave Sean Connery. The movie became a huge hit with financial gains at the box office and with this secret agent genre gained much prominence. The spy trying his gambling fate at a London club is shown to play an old version of the baccarat known as Chemin de fer. In the scene, he introduces himself to a lady who had been eyeing him play the game. This is an unforgettable scene as it shows him open his box of cigarettes with much panache while silently gazing at her for delivering the dialogue.

While Chemin de fer may not be found among the new online casino UK games, but the basic version of the baccarat still played in France. Baccarat particularly became popular with the James Bond movie and the new form of the social game can be played at Red Spins Casino against a live dealer.

–  Diamonds are forever is another James Bond flick that released in 1971 depicting the game Craps. This film is popular for its notable title song and adding a spark of humour into the Bond movies. The film’s opening scene shows Bond to be following a lead in Las Vegas and as the queen’s finest agent he is shown indulging in casino gambling. With his keen interest in indigenous customs, he joins the table where Craps is being played in the Sin City to win a huge amount of money and also attract the first lady. Craps refers to a game of dice which can be either played single-handedly or in competition with the casino or among more players. Distinct from many new online casino UK games, in craps, wagers are paid in the form of cash and not chips with the player betting on different results exemplified on the table. The new online casino UK version of the game also allows players to sometimes shoot the dice several times to declare a winner.

– One of the most stylish films of time is the Casino Royale which was released in 2006 depicts the Texas Hold’em game. The lead character played by the famous actor Daniel Craig shows a tough and gritty Bond image. This film’s plot completely revolved around gambling. The famous scene culminates around the showdown at the Casino Royale located in Monte Carlo. This a place where Bond arrives to play the poker tournament with his government fund as the stake. The unique scene brings flashbacks of the agent who helps Bond offering to stake him in taking up the challenge of defeating the British treasurer Le Chiffre. A variant of poker, Texas hold’em is one of the most popularly run games at any new online casino UK such as Red Spins Casino.

Interestingly, as you re-visit the Bond movies, you can play all these games for free as well as for real money on the new online casino UK games platform by simply logging into a safe and secure online gambling site.

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