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The Best Casino Scenes In Movies



Casino themed movies are often some of the greatest films of all time. But when it comes to choosing the best casino scenes, it might get a little complicated! After all, many of the scenes amazed punters! But, we have collected the five best casino movie scenes.

Casino (1995)

Released in 1995, Casino evokes the topics of power, murder, deception, money and greed. The movie is simply a dark interpretation of life at a casino. The plot focuses more on a murder plan; two gangster friends and their friend’s wife are the planners. The way the movie has been made makes it the best production of Martin Scorsese. The most viewed and most popular scene of this movie is when Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein tells his security guards to throw an abusive player out of the casino. He emphasises that he wants the player’s head to open the door, and the security guards listen to him! This dark scene clearly shows that Ace us not to be messed with.

Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale was the very first Bond movie with Daniel Craig and it was a hit among punters, but it did receive critics as well. The movie plot was more on Bond who’s hunting down Le Chiffre. His hunt led him to the Casino Royale where he had to bet against the man he was hunting! Bond was given money to stake at the table and this single poker game scene includes the most dramatic footage! The tension climbs to the highest when James Bond comes back to the table after having been poisoned by Le Chiffre’s gang. However, he fights death and is on his way to win the table of $115 million. The most memorable part of this footage is when Bond reveals a straight flush! It is THE best casino scene in the gambling movie history. Who knows? You create better history by trying the roulette games at Regal Wins Casino. Or if you wish to feel like James Bond by nailing a straight flush, you can try any of the proposed poker games!

The Hangover (2009)

The first sequel of The Hangover was not the most ‘look-forward to movie. In 2009, it was just a movie with four less known actors. But it did not take time to become the highest-grossing US comedy movie. The movie plot was about three friends looking for their lost friend in Las Vegas. The best scene of the movie is when the weird Alan uses his highly elaborated skill, card counting. He effortlessly collects $82,000 at the blackjack table. While many people think that the scene is just another parody of card counting skills, other believe that it is the scene which inspired others!

While these gambling movie scenes are the top ones, there are other movies which have blown the mind of people. Gambling movies like 21 (2008), Rain Main (1988), Ocean’s Eleven (2001) and The Gambler (1974) are also loaded with mind-blowing scenes.

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