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Ben Affleck is Batman



Ben Affleck

In the past hour it has been announced that Oscar winner Ben Affleck (Good Will HuntingArgo) will succeed Christian Bale as the new Batman, and will make his first appearance in the Man of Steel sequel planned for 2015. His former superhero incarnation was in the wildly unpopular Daredevil, but in the last few years Affleck has pulled his career back together with a series of strong films, culminating in last year’s Argo. There is no doubt he will bring a credibility to the role as an established member of the Hollywood elite, but is he right for Bruce Wayne?

The new Man of Steel film was green lit before this year’s blockbuster had even been released, such were the expectations of Warner Bros., and will feature much the same team including Henry Cavill. Though if the title Batman vs Superman is anything to go by, the sequel is less a direct follow up from Man of Steel and more of an attempt for DC and Warner Bros. to synergise a new generation of movies. And it only makes sense following the ridiculous success of The Avengers that ensemble superhero movies are the way forward for a genre that has become way too dependent on reboots.

So what do you think about Batfleck? Who would you cast? And who would make a good Robin?

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