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Behind Closed Doors with Joaquina Gentil



Movie Marker Magazine went behind closed doors with film and TV producer Joaquina Gentil to spill the tea about her latest project, ‘Ten Whys’ and more!

Thank you for chatting with us today. Congratulations on all your spectacular achievements. We are excited to learn more about the film, but first, from Argentina to Hollywood can you tell us about yourself?

I was born in Argentina but was raised in Brazil. I started out working in theater in Argentina, I had a band and composed music, and acted in shows for Disney. After graduating I moved to New York and my first short film, “Hello, Goodbye” went viral.  Shortly after that I moved to France for almost 3 years. In France I co-founded an international theatre company, “All One Theatre”. We worked with people like Jeremy Banster, and even put up the famed Off-West End play “Twelfth Night.” We have performed in France, Belgium, and England, and we are about to have a revival in May 2023. After France, I was offered a scholarship to study in Los Angeles where I have been busy producing movies, TV shows and content for high profile social media stars. I am very fortunate to work with so many great film producers, I think my ability to speak several languages gives me that advantage. 

That’s actually a great point, it seems that Hollywood has so many Producers. What makes you unique?

I believe the fact that I had to grow up moving around a lot has given me this factor that not many can put their finger on…adaptation. I have lived in many places, absorbed so many different cultures and customs, I don’t feel uniquely Argentinian, or totally Brazilian or French either. I believe the exposure to these changes growing up has opened my mind and given me a natural curiosity for life and figuring things out. It has given me determination, and a background in general life knowledge that I believe makes me different from other people out there in its own way. I have the fiery Latina side, but the working ethic of a north American, and the loudness of an Argentinian, and the laughter of a Brazilian. I’m a mix of everything – and I like it. I bring all of that to work with me and it has helped me stay very busy in Hollywood.

Tell us about the movie, ‘Ten Whys’

So, ‘Ten Whys’ is a social drama about a lawyer named Aden who has a deep, and conflicting conversation with the man who murdered his father, a KKK affiliated cop named Mark. It’s a powerful short film written and directed by Juma Emedi, and co-produced by Tony-nominated producer, Lou Spisto.

What was your role in the project?

I co- produced the project with my business partner, Charlotte Hendrickx.

Pulling together a movie has its challenges, were there any on this project?

This short was challenging because the core of the film is centered around one conversation. If you watched “Criminal” UK, you would understand the mood of the film. Our team did an amazing g job capturing the fantastic performance by Joe Garcia, playing the cop. And the cinematography is outstanding. I am excited for this film to enter the film festival circuit this month so everyone can see this brilliant performance.

We love a good behind the scenes story, spill the tea!

Ha ok so we had to come up with a court room sort of last minute. Our production designer, Susanne Kretchmer had to create a court room out of nothing very last minute because we had unforeseen challenges. Susanne ended up creating that whole courtroom out of wallpaper. Don’t ask me how because I would not know how she did it. But hours before the courtroom scene I had all of our production design team, our AD, our PA’s, and myself cutting and placing the wallpaper on random objects to make it look like a courtroom.

I can’t wait for you to see the final film!

Who are your filmmaker influences growing up that helped to mold you into who you are today?

Mmm … this is a good one. Funnily enough Sandra Bullock is someone I admire. She also started as an actress and then moved into producing her own films, so she could have the roles that she wanted, and the type of stories she wanted to tell. She showed me a path I’d like to follow. If we go into cinematography and storytelling there is a collection of people, I’d have to mention from Almodóvar, to Gaspar Noe, Campanella, to the classics Tarantino, Coppola… I enjoyed Soderbergh’s work a lot. I enjoy all of studio Ghibli’s work as well… huge fan. 

What’s up next for you?

Apart from the slate of independent film projects, I am looking forward to continuing creating content for streetwear brands and pop culture referents such as Bidstitch. I am currently continuing our journey into podcast producing, and setting up crazy live programming for our app, Ezze Live in Complex con, Thrift con LA, and other.

How can people find you?

I put a lot of what I am up to on my Instagram and of course my IMDb is usually up to date!

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