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Behind Closed Doors with Fatima Camacho



Movie Marker Magazine went behind closed doors with actress, Fatima Camacho to chat about life in LA, and her latest film projects.

Welcome to Movie Marker! Tell us about your early beginnings?

Before moving to Los Angeles, I lived in Buenos Aires in Argentina where I took acting classes along with directing classes. We moved there from Santiago del Estero where I was born and raised. I have been acting a very long time, since I was 6 years old. I attended a musical theater academy for almost 8 years before transitioning to Los Angeles and attending the New York Film Academy for a further 4 years.

You’ve been acting for a while, what do you think makes you unique?

I think what makes me unique is that I’m very consistent and motivated when I want something, and I always work hard to get it.

How would you describe the projects that you typically prefer?

I don’t have a specific preference. But my heart has always had a special place for comedy. I just love and enjoy doing them.

Talking of comedy, you just wrapped a project called ‘Fresh Flesh’ – what’s it about?

It’s a very funny, sort of a satire of a gum commercial film where I play the main girl who falls in love with a guy at a party. We had a lot of background actors involved, to add to the whole vibe.  

Any fun behind the scenes stories?

Yes definitely, because it was a satire of all the things in the script and the actions, we would do would crack us up all the time. We definitely got a bunch of bloopers.

What’s been the pros and cons of pursuing your acting career?

I think the pros are that it allows you to open up freely, you can be creative without being behind a desk 9-5, you can pretend to be someone else and let your emotions free without judgment. I think one of the biggest cons is that it is a hard job, especially in this industry where there is a lot of competition, and it doesn’t bring you as much income as other jobs.

If you weren’t into acting what else would you be doing?

I think I could be doing something related to food, like some type of chef or something. Or I probably would have pursued psychology. 

What’s coming up next for you?

I have so much going on… I am auditioning for major roles and commercials which keep me super busy but in addition I am currently in the process of writing a montage that I want to act in, and I am co-writing a short film.

Sounds exciting – we can’t wait to see more of you in action! How can people follow you?

Thank you! People can follow me on IMDb, Instagram, and Facebook

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