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Behind Closed Doors with Davina Colaço



Movie Marker Magazine went behind closed doors with actress Davina Colaço to chat about the inspiration behind her career choice and some of her greatest achievements to date.

Have you always lived in Dubai? What was that like and what are some of your favorite things to do in your hometown?

Born and raised! I feel lucky to have experienced spirit of old Dubai- and I’m giving myself some slack about sounding pretentious regarding that. When I first moved away, I would get upset with the disconnect between what people assumed my childhood to have to been versus what it truly was. It’s an incredibly unique city, that’s had no comparable precedent- so while it has its issues, it’s still a remarkable study on modern (functioning) monarchies and new economies. That being said, no visit to Dubai is complete for me without Karak chai and club sandwiches from Strawberry Cafe, all enjoyed in the company of my childhood friends while we fight over our Clue board game that we’ve been playing since we were in school.

What inspired you to take the acting career path? Was it something that you saw and thought – oh wow, I want to do that?

Escapism. I wanted nothing more than to disappear into the worlds I read about or watched on screen. I used to obsess over the illustrations in my fairytale books before I could read- and then the Harry Potter books and movie series became a blanket of comfort. When I was old enough to understand that these people on screen were actors, I knew then that if I couldn’t actually travel to another world, I’d at least want to get as close as possible to that fantasy.

Can you tell us about your first acting role? How did you feel?

My first role was in a school play. It was an original play- a mishmash of fairytales and I was so glad to be dressed and crowned as a queen- Halloween wasn’t big when I was growing up so I rarely got to don costumes. It was a non-speaking role, until the King got stage fright a few days before the performance and I was encouraged to say his lines. I was very comfortable stepping into it and just happy to be included.

What has been your fondest memory on set?

I had my first pinch-me moment when I was working background right after graduating. Till then I had only been on student film sets and indie projects- but for the first time I had been walked onto a lot of a major studio. It felt surreal trying on wardrobe and having my hair and makeup done for this larger than life Hollywood spectacle. Then when I got to set, I was lucky enough to be seated right by the director. I was so zoned in on watching him work with his actors. I couldn’t believe that his was the first movie I saw in theaters when I moved to LA and now, I was sharing in a small part of his next. It was a full circle moment for me.

What were some of the highs and lows you have experienced on set?

So far, no two experiences have been alike for me. I certainly enjoy myself most when I am encouraged to take risks and am given the space to make mistakes. The only low I can think of at this stage in my career, is a feeling I get at the end of the shoot, hoping that it wouldn’t be the last time I get to do what I enjoy.

What’s up next for you?

I’m so excited to share that I’ll be working with Witty Productions on their new web series “Where the Flower Lays”. It’s a dark comedy and like their other work, bound to be chaotic, tongue-in-cheek adventure.

What advice can you share with any budding actors out there?

Go easy on yourself. And celebrate every stage of progress.

Thank you, Davina for taking the time to chat to us at Movie Marker. We look forward to seeing more of your work on the big screen and beyond! 

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