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Bay Reveals Plans For Transformers 4!



Director Michael Bay has certainly had a fair share of detractors in his time, none more so when it’s in relation to the hugely successful Transformers franchise. Overblown sequels ‘Revenge of The Fallen’ and ‘Dark Of The Moon’ most certainly left a bitter aftertaste, initially prompting a mass clearout of its cast including Shia Leboeuf and also the blockbusting Bay.

Of course with recent reports, the maker of Pearl Harbor’s bond with the robot extravaganza has proved too tough to break. Whilst in LA this week promoting the brand spanking new Transformers ride at Universal Studios, he’s dropped a few intriguing hints on how he will approach the latest installment.

Laying waste to the reboot claims first and foremost, he declared to the LA Times:

‘I don’t want to say reboot because then people will think we’re doing a ‘Spider-Man’ and starting from the beginning. We’re not. We’re taking the story that you’ve seen — the story we’ve told in three movies already — and we’re taking it in a new direction.’

Continuing the dripfeed, Bay informed that the setting will likely branch off into ‘outer space’ and the budget will be scaled back considerably. This is certainly a break from the Summer Blockbuster norm, adopting a ‘bigger and better’ approach almost being a necessity.

Transformers 4 is scheduled to hit cinemas June 29th 2014!


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