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Barbarians Rising: What kind of barbarian are you?



The History Channel is currently airing Barbarians Rising which is a docudrama that looks at some of history’s fiercest barbarians. From Attila the Hun to Hannibal of Carthage, the mightiest men who stood against the Roman Empire are profiled throughout the series. As part of the release, the channel has developed a ‘Become a barbarian’ quiz which tests you on various questions and gives you a stylised personal barbarian card.

Take the quiz to find out how you’d react to taking enemies prisoner, assuming assaulting positions and putting down rebellions. Only then will you discover what kind of barbarian you’d have been, receiving a barbarian name, title and stats such as cunning, bravery, strength and leadership. You’ll then be able to compare your card against the barbarians featured in Barbarians Rising. Are you stronger than Spartacus? Braver than Boudica? You’ll only be able to find out by playing the quiz.


Barbarians Rising has some tough lessons to teach, as it shows the struggle, and often the failure, of great men and women who battled against the all-consuming might of Rome. However, their personality traits can come in handy in modern life. Take Hannibal for example, who marched his men over the Alps in a move many thought impossible. Taking measured risks in real life is a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, whether it’s at work or in day-to-day life.

Likewise, standing up for minorities is a way to win respect – just like Boudica did when she led the Iceni tribe into numerous raids against the occupying Roman army, and almost drove them out of Britain. Her name has since entered legend. In modern life, showing bravery and courage in the face of insurmountable odds will garner the respect of your peers.

Despite its bad reputation, cunning is a personality trait that led lots of barbarians to victory. Arminius, for example, ambushed and destroyed three Roman legions in a sneak attack that is now one of history’s most crushing defeats. In Barbarians Rising, you’ll see the now-famous battle of the Teutoburg forest – but in real life, cunning is a useful trait to have. Knowing what you want and how to go after it is especially valuable in your career, after all.

Take the quiz, watch the program and let us know how your own custom barbarian personality shapes up to the most fearsome names the Roman Empire ever uttered.

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