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‘Backwards Faces’ Sets April Release Date



Random Media is releasing the sci-fi and fantasy feature film ‘Backwards Faces’, starring Lennon Sickels, Andrew Morra on April 11, 2023.

Directed by Chris Aresco, ‘Backwards Faces’ follows theoretical physicist, Sydney, who after waking from an underwhelming one-night stand, she wants to leave but cannot help but stay when her mysterious and aloof one night partner, Ken, claims he is from a different universe. Theoretical physics becomes a lot less theoretical when Ken tells her the solution to all life’s problems exists within the alleged traversable wormhole through space and time in his bathroom. Self-loathing is taken to a new extreme when Sydney and Ken are forced to reckon with the very worst of their other selves from across the multiverse.

‘Backwards Faces’, which was an Official Selection at the 2022 Other Worlds Film Festival, was produced by Chris Aresco, Andrew Morra, Sebastian Twardosz, and Carolina Ravassa.

Pre-order ‘Backwards Faces’ here: on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft, Vudu, iNDemand, Vubiquity, DirecTV and more!

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