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Back to the Future: The Musical!



Back to the Future

That’s right folks, it has been confirmed that Oscar winning time travel classic Back to the Future will be adapted for the stage, and is hitting the West End in 2015.

There will of course be naysayers who question why something already very good has to be tampered with. Aren’t they just trying to fix something that isn’t broken? Kind of yes, but fans should be reassured that Robert Zemeckis is working on the adaptation himself, with original composer Alan Silvestre brought in to look after the music. We have been promised hits from the original movie plus brand new songs. Fingers crossed they keep Huey Lewis and the News in there.

So like it or not, this is happening. There’s no point dwelling on that, rather let us look forward to who might possibly play Marty McFly and Doc.

Would it be pretty wacky of me to suggest possibly Robert Lindsay as the mad scientist? He has plenty of Broadway experience and is used to the almost slapstick-esque gesticulations from his [far too] many years on My Family. As for Marty you just need a typical floppy haired heartthrob who can hold a note – so that’s pretty much anyone in musical theatre.

What do you think about the news? And who should be cast?

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