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‘Avocado Toast’ Releasing July 6



Directed by Tyler Farr, comedy-drama Avocado Toast, starring Justin Ray, Jyllian Petrie, Mikayla Iverson, Joe Burns, Joshua Michael, Tito Livas, is releasing on all platforms, July 6th, via Random Media.

Avocado Toast follows Adam, a hardworking mid-30’s man, who has led a cautious life. He has always done the selfless thing: spending time with his wife and children, being there for his friends, going to church, and working a job he doesn’t love.  Adam has always identified as a member of Generation-X and he has always relied on his hard work ethic to propel him in life. Adam, feeling trapped with his safe and boring life, finally decides to cut loose and “become a millennial”. He goes on a journey, to start doing whatever he wants and connecting with the millennial mentality.  Adam throws out his drab business attire for hipster clothing, complete with fake glasses and stylish hats. He trades in his boring office job for a barista position at a coffee shop, where he meets a young millennial, named Sydney. Adam’s selfish behavior begins to take a toll on his marriage, family, and his irresponsibility starts putting a strain on his finances. As the new, enticing life he builds, starts to take over his old, safe life, he will have to decide if the grass is in fact greener on the other side. Avocado Toast is a dramedy that has hilarious dialogue scenes, as the characters analyze the moronic things that plague our culture, as well as fun flashbacks that showcase the imaginative mind of Adam; the story will also pull on the heart strings, as it deals with big issues of the inner-struggles of going through a life crisis and choosing your own happiness over the happiness of those you love.

Avocado Toast has had a successful run on the film festival circuit, winning and nominated for various awards, including at the Die Laughing Film Festival, Prague International Film Festival, Serbia International Film Festival, Georgia Shorts Film Festival, The Laugh or Die Comedy Fest, Eurasia International Film Festival, Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, Page Turner Screenplays, Screenplay Festival, Lit Laughs International Film Festival, Vesuvius International Film Festival, Utah Film Festival, and The Gladiator Film Festival.

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