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AMPAS Improve Electronic Voting



Oscar Ballot 2009

Last year the Academy introduced electronic voting, arguably well overdue, in order to make the whole process faster and easier, particularly for overseas members. After a few teething issues, AMPAS have addressed some of the concerns and made a few improvements to the way members can cast their e-ballots.

First, voters were issued both member and voter log in details, but this year it is streamlined and all voters will be issued with universal details to limit confusion. I can barely remember my details for most websites I register, so considering a lot of members are older it no doubt causes a heap of confusion. And on that note, users who forget their details will be automatically emailed, where last year they were required to contact a help center which would often cause unnecessary delays.

Though there were some reservations about this newfangled system, a majority of voters submitted their ballots electronically last year, proving its practicality. Postal ballots are still available, but it seems the Oscars are one step closer to fully embracing 21st century technology.

Info via Variety

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