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All you need to know about the latest Fast and Furious movie



The world of gaming is dynamic and when it comes to racing and speeding, the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Fast and Furious’ does need a special mention. If you are keen to see from the Director, David Leitch’s lens, here are a few points that he shared about his perspective in creating the top-ranking film. Akin to the marvellous action that you see through the film, Fast and Furious is a fun-filled thrilling slot game on mobile phones that can be accessed by players anywhere, anytime. For those who want to relive the action of the film can enjoy this glorious game at the top online casinos operating across the globe.  

What’s exclusive about the film? 

A film that has a distinct opening undoubtedly strikes a chord with the audience. The opening of the film projecting lives of Hobbs and Shaw in a split-screen won accolades from the viewers as it was crisp, fun and at the same time spoke a thousand words about the life of the different characters. The director says that this enabled the audience to connect quickly with the characters over a song. While this was for the wider audience, the director’s original take is expected to be available for as a special home release edition. David feels that it’s going to give the film a fresh look even with the same content. 

If you’re waiting to catch a glimpse of the film’s sequence in future, chances are that you still might see Ryan Reynolds who claimed a special place in the audience’s heart with his Agent Locke image. Now, that sounds promising! Who wouldn’t want to see more of the star! David shared that people could expect Brixton to return in the following series. This edition projected Brixton in a unique style where he did play the villain but also gained empathy from the audience thus leaving scope for him to resurface. 

David Leitch’s ‘Fast and Furious’ does amalgamate science fiction as he says that he continuously reflected upon Artificial Intelligence and how it would impact humanity. He says that he wanted the audience to mirror similar thoughts so that they could also explore and understand the depths of the machine-human relationship. As a director with a heart, he tries to bring out the need for humanism and the perils of excessive AI use as it could consume humanity altogether. 

‘Fast and Furious’ also highlights the relevance of traditional weaponry such as used by the tribal. The battle sequence portrayed the real essence of a fight that ditched the usage of guns and bombs. When writing these scenes, David was bent on trying to replace the use of fire artilleries with traditional weapons. 

Films trigger imagination and this action-thriller does the same. A couple of slow-motion actions scenes added much drama and as the director recalls was fun to shoot for the actors equally enjoyed enacting it. 

The ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise has been facing an internal crisis as of now with splits witnessed within the core group. While the future is uncertain, all you would want is to see the good work rolling out in pace. 

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