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Alfonso Cuarón surprised by ‘Gravity’ success



Gravity-2013-full-leaked-movie-1Mexican director, Alfonso Cuarón, has stated that he “did not expect such a response” to his new film ‘Gravity’ according to The Telegraph.

Cuarón explained at a Mexico City news conference how astounded he was at the amount of Oscar-buzz and praise that his new film has attracted from respected film-makers in the industry.

It has been reported that film Gods such as Spielberg, Tarantino and Cameron have been praising Cuarón on the sci-fi hit with Cameron stating that “it is the best space film ever made”.

The Gravity director responded:

“I understand this coming from those whom I more or less know. But it’s something else [to get calls] from old masters with whom I have no relationship and who suddenly communicate in this way. I can’t ask for more.”

Gravity boasts two of Hollywood’s best – Sandra Bullock and George Clooney – who star as two astronauts on a space mission to repair the Hubble Telescope. However, things taken a turn for the worst when they become stranded and have to fight for survival hundreds of miles above Earth.

When questioned on the Oscar-buzz that has been surrounding the film, Cuarón deemed it “too early” to be thinking about his creation winning one or even two Oscar awards in 2014.

However, judging by the success of Gravity’s opening weekend in the US ($55 million) which has set a new record for an October release, the future looks promising!

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