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Actioner ‘El Coyote’ Due on DVD and Digital Feb. 25



The action-comedy El Coyote will come out on DVD and digital Feb. 25 from Random Media. The film made $1.3 million at the box office and was screened in 400 theaters across 50 cities in October.

Starring Michael Saquella (Dream Round), Robert Costanzo (Die Hard 2), and John Capodice (Speed), the film follows a father, Stone Spencer (Saquella), who is living in Arizona in the witness protection program for helping the United States government. Stone is a self-made man — and hitman — for the mafia and an undercover killer for the CIA, who has to negotiate a deal with the Mexican cartel because they have captured his son Jax, a federal ice agent. After doing what the cartel requests of him, they renege, and all hell breaks loose. With too many cartel members to handle, he makes a call to New York and a dozen or so Italian mobsters fly from New York to Arizona to take care of business with the cartel.

EL COYOTE, which was filmed in Arizona, was produced by Lenny Mesi and Michael Saquella, and executive produced by Robert Michet.

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