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Across The Himalaya ★★★★★



Directors: Jasper Neupane & Rashmita Limbu

Runtime: 31 minutes

Released: August 6, 2022 (Sweden)

Educational resources to children in remote Nepal-GoFundMe

While books and pens are common in our daily lives, they might not be for others. These simple items have the sheer power and inspiration that can lead us to so much in our lives. Opening our textbooks in school, writing tales of fiction, or even sharing our dreams can spark our minds to go further and reach for the sky. After meeting two extraordinary activists and filmmakers from Nepal recently in Sweden, this writer has been enlightened and inspired.

Across The Himalaya is a documentary that takes the audience on Jasper and Rashmita’s personal journey from a poverty-stricken childhood to where they are today, helping educate rural children all over Nepal. It tells the story of the hardships their families had to go through to put them in school and how education helped them turn their lives around. Be prepared to feel each step across the Himalayas as we explore how to give back to our people.

ⓒMitra Films 2022

We can’t take anything in life for granted, and this message strikes hard in such a short runtime. The work and dedication Jasper and Rashmita have for their activism and careers are detrimental to their characters. Their parents gave so much with their very little; without them, they wouldn’t be in the position they are in today. Every frame of Across The Himalaya is etched with passionate purpose and is an inspiring tale of the power of education.

As you go on this journey, you are immersed in Nepali values and culture. They are a very proud nation; regardless of wealth, they give their all to each other. While everything isn’t easy for Jasper and Rashmita on their journey, you can sense the joy in the children’s faces once they set up the libraries, give out school bags and showcase their new computer rooms. They are being given a chance to learn and be inspired, which ties into what they wanted to give back after their upbringing in Nepal. Each step up the mountain, each sleepless night raising funds, is worth the effort to provide the children of Nepal a sense of hope for their futures.

ⓒMitra Films 2022

The past can teach us many harsh lessons, but it can also mould us into the people we are today. Across The Himalaya teaches us whether you may come from poverty, we can accomplish so much in our lives and give back to future generations that so need a push in the right direction. Jasper and Rashmita travelled over 5,600 meters across the Himalayas to build computer labs and libraries in 13 schools and help more than 2600 rural children. Fate and destiny brought them together if they may have never met and had never created such a wonderful cause.

To have met and heard about Jasper and Rashmita’s work and their journey is one chance meeting this writer will never forget. We focus too much on the negatives of the world and rarely celebrate the true changemakers. This short documentary needs to be seen by more people, and the level of support they should be getting should be more significant. For anyone interested in screening or supporting their work, get in touch.

For more information and ways to support Jasper and Rashmita’s work, click here

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