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Acceptance Speech: Cinematography



Wow, wow, thank you so much, the Academy. This is such an amazing honor. This film was made with so much love and passion and struggles. And it was all thanks to you, Damien. You’re a poetic genius. And I’m so happy I met you and I really love you, man. Emma, Ryan, I think you’re incredible. Thanks for all the collaboration. Lionsgate, producers and the entire crew. I’m really proud, especially of Ari, Jorge, Tony, Brad, Bogdan, this camera crew, light crew, grip crew, that made this work. And then Cecilia, Betty and Lucy [Swedish]. To my mom, thank you. And to my father, I know you’re watching over us. Thank you so much.

Oscar and film awards expert. American Beauty, Grease and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre are prominent DVDs on my shelf.

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