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Academy Awards 2014 Nomination Predictions



With awards-season not too far in the future, we’ve decided to make our predictions for the nominations in each of the main categories. We’ve also made an ‘educated’ guess at what could win, though we are still to see some of the possible nominations, will our predictions prove to be true or will they be completely wrong? Only time will tell but check out the predictions and don’t forget to comment below with your choices and your predictions!

The odds could change, but let us know below what you think is a ‘sure thing’ and what could be a big surprise!

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Best Picture

  1. 12 Years a Slave (Steve McQueen) 2/1


    Close call between 12 Years a Slave andGravity, What do you think will win?

  2. Gravity (Alfonso Cuaron)  3/1
  3. Captain Phillips (Paul Greengrass) 4/1
  4. Wolf of Wall Street (Martin Scorsese) 5/1
  5. Saving Mr Banks (John LEe Hancock) 9/1
  6. Dallas Buyers Club (Jean-Marc Valee) 10/1
  7. American Hustle (David O’Russell) 10/1
  8. Her (Spike Jonze) 12/1
  9. Inside Llewyn Davis (Joel & Ethan Coen) 12/1
  10. Blue Jasmine (Woody Allen) 15/1

Outside Bets

  1. Before Midnight (Richard Linklater) 18/1
  2. Nebraska (Alexander Payne) 20/1
  3. Lee Daniels, The Butler (Lee Daniels) 22/1

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Best Director

  1. Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity) 3/1


    Cuaron’s Gravity leads the pack, but will it win?

  2. Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave) 4/1
  3. Martin Scorsese (Wolf of Wall Street) 6/1
  4. Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips) 7/1
  5. David O’Russell (American Hustle) 9/1

Outside Bets

  1. Woody Allen (Blue jasmine) 12/1
  2. Joel and Etahn Coen (Inside Llewyn Davis) 14/1
  3. Alexander Payne (Nebraska) 20/1

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Best Actor

  1. Chiwetel Ejiofer (12 Years a Slave) 2/1

    Leonardo Dicaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street

    Will Leo win the coveted Best Actor Oscar this year?

  2. Leonardo Di Caprio(Wolf of Wall Street) 5/1
  3. Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club) 6/1
  4. Robert Redford (All Is Lost) 7/1
  5. Tom Hanks (Captain Phillips) 7/1

Outside Bets

  1. Bruce Dern (Nebraska) 10/1
  2. Christian Bale (Out of the Furnace, American Hustle) 12/1
  3. Idris Elba (Mandela:Long Walk to Freedom) 25/1

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Best Actress

  1. Sandra Bullock (Gravity) 2/1


    Could Sandra Buloock be part of an Oscar clean-sweep for Gravity?

  2. Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine) 7/1
  3. Emma Thompson (Saving Mr. Banks) 5/1
  4. Meryl Streep (August: Osage County) 6/1
  5. Judi Dench (Philomena) 7/1

Outside Bets

  1. Amy Adams (American Hustle) 11/1
  2. Greta Gerwig (Frances Ha) 15/1
  3. Berenice Bejo (The Past) 20/1

[tab id=5]

Best Supporting Actor


  1. Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave) 3/1


    A Fassbender win could be part of a dominant night for 12YAS…

  2. Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club) 2/1
  3. Jonah Hill (Wolf of Wall Street) 6/1
  4. Tom Hanks (Saving Mr Banks) 7/1
  5. Bradley Cooper (American Hustle) 8/1

Outside Bets

  1. James Gandolfini (Enough Said) 10/1
  2. Barkhad Abdi (Captain Phillips) 12/1
  3. Steve Coogan (Philomena) 14/1

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Best Supporting Actress

  1. Lupita Nyongo’o (12 Years A Slave) 2/1

    The Academy does not recognise 'Voices' so Scarlett could be long shot!

    The Academy does not recognise ‘voices’ so Scarlett could be long shot!

  2. Oprha Winfrey ( Lee Dniels, The Butler) 4/1
  3. Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle) 9/1
  4. Octavia Spencer (Fruitvale Station) 6/1
  5. Julis Roberts (August:Osage County) 7/1

Outside Bets

  1. June Squibb (Nebraska) 15/1
  2. Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine) 18/1
  3. Scarlett Johansson (Her) 50/1




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