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Abrams Ready To Steer Lance Armstrong Biopic!



A red hot topic in the press. You can always rely on Hollywood to quickly set the wheels in motion for their own big screen interpretation. Fresh from a compelling interview with talk show ‘giant’ Oprah Winfrey, the career of Lance Armstrong now drenched in shame after his ‘admittance’ to cheating throughout his seven Tour De France wins, is set to be dissected by J.J Abrams.

According to Deadline, the Star Trek and Mission Impossible 3 director has been given first option on adapting the forthcoming book ‘Cycle Of Lies: The Lance Armstrong Story’. Written by NYC Times reporter Juliet Macur, the book will chronicle Armstrong’s career from his near miss with testicular cancer to the allegations that eventually grinded his career to a shuddering halt.

Originally an Armstrong biopic was in the hands of Sony Pictures with Donnie Darko star Jake Gyllenhaal involved, with the material undoubtedly more glowing in its depiction of the cyclist. Whilst the project remains in its early infancy, we can confirm the production will be handled by Paramount and Abrams’ own company Bad Robot.

With Abrams’ making his name in blockbusting entertainment up to now, this is certainly an intriguing career move for the director.




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