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Reviewer: Ben Harris

23rd Sepetember 2011

Director: John Singleton

Stars: Taylor Lautner, Sigourney Weaver, Lily Collins

Certificate: 12

‘Abduction’ sets out to showcase Taylor Lautner as the next generations action hero. But instead it feels like it’s aimed at Lautner admirers as he flexes his muscles with every opportunity. Unfortunately the film fails to show Lautner in a new light and disappoints on every other level.

After teenager Nathan (Taylor Lautner) finds a picture of himself as a child on a missing persons website he starts to question his life he has been living. His adopted parents are then murdered leaving Nathan and love interest Karen (Lily Collins) to go on the run.  Nathan is then introduced to Dr. Bennet (Sigourney Weaver), who is a friend of his biological father. She tells Nathan that his biological father, Martin, is a CIA agent who stole a list from a Russian terrorist called Kozlow. On this list are the names of corrupt CIA operatives. Kozlow set up the missing persons website to use Nathan as bait. He hopes it will force Martin to return the list. Nathan is also told not to trust the CIA especially a man named Burton (Alfred Molina).

The story itself has potential but writer Shawn Christensen lacks creativity and depth. Nothing can be taken seriously with the dire dialogue, it’s cringe worthy to say the least. A perfect example is when Kozlow is threatening Nathan. His threat is something on the lines of killing everyone he is friends with on Facebook. It is meant to be taken in a serious context but it’s laughable. ‘Abduction’ seems to be a film for youngsters being introduced to the action genre. Nothing too complicated just all out ridiculousness. Director John Singleton doesn’t help the situation by his lazy direction.

Surprising this shoddy film has some big names attached to it. Signourney Weaver, Maria Bello and Alfred Molina have put on better performances in their time. They don’t put much effort into it but they still upstage Taylor Lautner. He hasn’t got the charm or charisma to carry a film yet. He gives a bland performance and fails to grasp the emotional side to his character. However Lautner handles the physical side well and there is no denying that us guys would kill for a body like that. Up and coming star Lily Collins has potential to be a good actress. She does okay here but is let down by the material.

‘Abduction’ is unoriginal and has the “cheese” factor. After the standards are set low from the beginning you accept the fact you won’t be seeing anything mind-blowing. It’s slightly entertaining on the very odd occasion but you will be laughing at it instead of taking it seriously.

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