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ABC Banks Record Oscar Ad Revenue



85th Academy Awards, Thursday Set UpABC, the Academy Awards broadcaster for many years, has announced record advertising sales for the 2014 telecast. A report on Variety reveals ad spots for the March 2nd broadcast sold out weeks ago, with rates as high as $1.9 million for 30 seconds. This is an increase from the $1.8 record set last year.

The recession hit ABC quite significantly, with revenue slipping to $1.3 million per 30 second spot, but the last couple of years have seen sharp rises as advertisers flock to live events that can drive social media engagement. However, the speed at which the spots sold came as a surprise. Space was available up until Christmas last year.

As Variety note, the ad rates can vary according to the popularity of the nominees in any given year, as does the TV ratings. Peaks in the last 20 years occurred the years Titanic and Lord of the Rings swept the board, so if ABC had a vote I think Gravity would stand a pretty good chance.

The 86th Academy Awards are broadcast live in over 200 countries on Sunday March 2nd 2014, hosted by comedian and American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. This is her second outing as host, replacing last year’s opinion-splitting Seth MacFarlance.

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